Get involved in the World’s biggest one day beach volleyball tournament & help HOPE Volleyball SummerFest reach its charity fundraising goals!

Below is a list of all the day of jobs and descriptions of the duties involved for each job.

  • All HOPE volunteers receive:
    • Orientation and training
    • Special HOPE volunteer shirt
    • Lunch during your shift
    • Parking pass
    • Invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation Party for those high school students, these hours count towards your 40 hrs of volunteer service!
    • A fun time and the satisfaction of helping a great cause
    • Volunteers under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Court Set-up (Friday)
    • Assemble and install "quick set up nets", poles and ropes
    • Tighten nets, pound stakes, install signs and scoreboards, etc
    • Direction provided by HOPE Court Set-Up Committee
    • This job is light physical labour
  • Logistics Site Set-Up including Signage (Friday)
    • Set up tables, chairs and signage around the beach
    • Move and position temporary fencing and barricades
    • Direction provided by HOPE Logistics Committee
    • This job is a light physical labour, closed toed shoes are recommended
  • Site Maintenance
    • Pick-up garbage and recycling items on the beach, in the park and in the surrounding neighbourhood
    • All tools needed to perform these tasks will be provided to you
  • Logistics Site Tear Down Including Signage
    • Tear down tables, chairs and signage around the beach
    • Move and position temporary fencing and barricades
    • Disassemble all nets, poles and rope, and place neatly into their storage bags
    • Remove all numbers from the nets and pack the nets away in their bags
    • Direction provided by HOPE Logistics Committee
    • This job is light physical labor and closed toed shoes are recommended
  • Greeters
    • Greeter volunteers provide a visible security presence and help monitor the event grounds and entrances.
    • Volunteers will assist professional security in and around the event site and will greet attendees at site entrances, provide site information and directions, and inform attendees of site regulations.
    • Training will be provided during an orientation night before the event.
    • The Greeters will work in a buddy system, so why not bring a friend along?
    • Make your smiling face the first one they’ll see.
    • Greet players and spectators at site entrances, distribute Official Guides, and provide info and directions as required.
  • Volleyball Score keepers – Corporate and Competitive
    • Come on out and blow the whistle.
    • There’s no experience necessary training will be provided
    • For those with volleyball experience, consider Competitive Division refereeing/scorekeeping, where you’ll be in the thick of the action.
    • All courts will have a group coordinator to assist you, and court runners are also available for support.
    • As a Scorekeeper, you will:
    1. Start games on time
    2. Maintain score sheets and ensure games are played according to HOPE tournament rules
    3. Calculate scores to determine which teams are in the playoffs and inform team captains
  • Court Runners
    • Court runners support the Scorekeepers / and court coordinators by running information, water, equipment, etc. to and from the volunteer Scorekeeping tent
    • Circulate through a designated beach area regularly to ensure needs are being met
    • Assist other HOPE volunteers to ensure the day is fun for everyone involved
  • Scorekeeping / Support Staff
    • Ready to try out all areas of the Scorekeeping Committee?
    • From Recreation Division Liaison to Information Scorekeeping
    • By signing up for support staff you will be relieving people for breaks and trying out all the positions we have in our committee.
    • You can set up, maintain and close general information desk operating from within the Scorekeeping tents
    • Support the Scorekeeping Committee by fielding general questions from players, visitors, etc.
    • Provide information on tournament rules, how the court winners are determined, playoff schedules, etc.
    • These volunteers will assist in the smooth running of the recreation division by running information, water, equipment, etc. to and from the Score Keepers tent.
    • You could also circulate through a designated beach area regularly to ensure needs are being met and assist other HOPE volunteers to ensure the day is fun for everyone involved.
    • As well as helping in the scorekeeping tent.
  • Volunteer Tent
    • Volunteers staffing the Volunteer Tent will provide
    • Assistance and information to all other event volunteers (approximately 700).
    • You will register volunteers, hand out T-shirts, lunch coupons and site maps, and help volunteers quickly locate their work area or contact person.
    • You’ll be busy, but you’ll have fun.
  • Fun Zone (Main Bar Entertainment)
    • This position is brand new in 2019. These volunteers will assist the Planning Team Chair with set up tear down and the running of the games for the main bar entertainment area.
    • These can be such games as giant Jenga, giant checkers, also a giant Connect 4, as well as possibly such blown up games as a giant adult jousting ring, or a giant blow up kick ball structure.
    • The volunteers for this area will help with set up of these games and management of the patrons wanting to try these games. And tear down and clean up of the games area.
  • Information / Registration Booth
    • These volunteers will end up knowing almost everything there is to know about the HOPE Volleyball SummerFest you will:
    • Support the team registration process (morning shift only)
    • Field various questions from visitors
    • Maintain a Lost and Found Maintain a bulletin board of spare players and players wanted
    • Sell concert wristbands and administer age of majority wrist bands (check I.D.'s) for the event bar areas
    • Maintain information booths and help close them at day’s end (afternoon shift only)
  • Food Distribution
    • Volunteers at this station help set up the lunch area and assist in the preparation and distribution of the prepared lunches to volunteers and participants.
  • Food Unloading
    • Your primary duties include unloading items from the reefer truck to the food tent.
    • You may also assist in the food tent, distributing lunches to hungry volunteers and players.
  • Beer Garden and HOT 89.9 Lounge

    Volunteers in the beer garden will be part of a large team selling tickets and serving beer, liquor and refreshments.

    Note: All Beer Garden volunteers must be 19 years of age or older and should be trained in SmartServe®.

    You can get your SmartServe® Training online it only takes a few minutes! Go here

  • Water Station
    • Volunteers will assist patrons that need instruction regarding operation of water dispenser
    • keep dispensing area sanitary
    • fill Aqua Haulics water bottles
    • hand out promo items
    • best of all, you may even get to cool patrons with a hand held hose. Come join the fun!
* Children aged 15 and under may volunteer when accompanied by an adult guardian, in all areas except the licensed areas. Children aged 16 and above are welcome to volunteer for their school hours in all areas except the licensed areas. Make sure you bring your school volunteer hours form to the volunteer tent when you check in, to get signed.

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