We put on a pretty awesome event every year, something that we at HOPE are very proud of. Great volleyball games, sun, sand, great food options and loads of entertainment both via the HOT Lounge & the HOPE Mainstage. We don’t just do this for fun (but that happens while we do it!) but to give back to our charities that will benefit from the proceeds of July 17th 2021!

Since H.O.P.E. started in 1982 we have been able to support more than 200 local charities and their programs through our funding. Together with your support of registering a team, buying a concert ticket, donating through our website, sponsoring our event, being an exhibitor or vendor – we are able to continue to give back to our community charities and assist them in the important work that they do!

Our 2021 Recipient Charities

HOPE is committed to raising money for local Ottawa charities and over the years has donated close to 6 million dollars to over 146 charities. Our moniker of “Helping Other People Everywhere” is never more apparent than in the work that we do every year, to put on our event to help these worthy organizations. Together with the support of our participants, volunteers, sponsors and our community, HOPE Volleyball SummerFest is pleased to support these charities for 2021:

Youville Centre

Youville Centre is an innovative centre that inspires, educates, and nurtures young mothers and their children to utilize their strengths and achieve their goals.

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The Sources of Strength Program utilizes students as peer leaders. Our 65 students are pregnant and parenting youth between the ages of 12-25 who are working on obtaining their high school diploma, while participating in our parenting/treatment programs. At Youville Centre, these peer leaders would serve as pillars of hope to the other students. Peer leaders are trained in the Sources of Strength Program and they use their leadership skills, and collaboration with their peers to share positive messages through group discussions, artwork, videos, and other interactive projects, events, and activities. (Such as teaching their peers the importance of self care, community resources youth can access in the area, anti bullying campaigns, etc.) Safe messaging is an integral part of this program as it is an evidence-based program for improved mental health, lower substance use, and suicide intervention.


Their mission is to provide our neighbors with relief and dignity during difficult times of the year in the most fair and efficient way possible.

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Sharing in Student Success program: the stunning reality is that 1 in 5 children in Ottawa live in poverty and back-to-school time can be a strain on the whole family. Children who do not feel that they fit in tend to have low self-esteem and are prone to experience bullying. The Caring and Sharing Exchange strives to help all children in need. The overall goal of this program is to provide assistance to children from families in need in order to return to school with all of the tools they require, and their heads held high, ready to learn! The C&SE provides these children with backpacks filled with grade appropriate school supplies. Children in need are referred to us through the agencies with whom they are associated. As a part of this program, the C&SE also manages the Coordination service and works with referring partner agencies as well as agencies that run similar programs to ensure that there is no duplication of service. The money saved through eliminating duplicate requests can be reinvested into the community to help more children.


is an incorporated, charitable organization in Ottawa dedicated to promoting, enhancing and supporting the zest for living, well-being and independence of older adults as well as adults with physical disabilities.

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The funded project that is being supported by HOPE is a new TGC telephone system. The current system is very dated and presents communication challenges. Many older adults have no other forms of communication (such as email or texting). A reliable, effective, and efficient telephone system is essential to providing the quality services and programs offered by The Good Companions. TGC receives an extremely high number of calls each day and places a large number of outgoing calls to seniors.


Is an organization that provides hope and support to individuals and families affected directly or indirectly by addictions and other related issues.

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Expansion of Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies (B.A.B.E.S.), Families are core. The B.A.B.E.S. program engages children 5 – 8 years old who live in family settings where another family member is dealing with or recovering from addiction or mental health issues. They have found that by educating young members of the family, they can better deal with the environment where they living. This is a prevention program that is important in order to break the cycle of addiction and mental health conditions. They offer this program free to participants to increase the chance of participation. This program covers substance abuse and addiction from an age appropriate perspective using story telling techniques and puppets to teach young children the skills they will need to cope with peer pressure and difficult situations. Parents are required to attend and participate in a parents group. We have been successful in showing very positive results with this program, but the location of Serenity’s office causes a major barrier to get parents and children to attend. We would like to expand across the city and make B.A.B.E.S. program more accessible to family members in need of participating. The HOPE Funding would allow them to do the necessary outreach to school settings and community groups to identify pockets throughout the city of potential participants and offer five six-week programs for the children living in an environment dealing with the overarching issues of addictions and mental health


Harmony House is a second-stage shelter for women and their children who are survivors of violence. We provide a transitional period from crisis shelter services to independent living in the community. At Harmony House we provide safe and affordable housing up to one year along with programs of individual and group support, accompaniment, advocacy, and referral. Harmony House promotes the creation of a world where women and their children are safe and free from all forms of violence and oppression. To that end, Harmony House will facilitate the active participation of everyone involved with us in working towards achieving women’s equality and ending violence against women.

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While Harmony House is able to do amazing work with the funding received through government grants, fundraising initiatives and amazing community support, they don’t receive extra funding to cover costs such as replacing furniture – especially beds and mattresses. And as they have such a high turnover of residents, they need mattresses with special covering to prevent bed bugs, staining from being soiled and withstand overall high use. Many of the other emergency shelters and hospitals use these types of mattresses which are better all around. While they could replace one room at a time, they recognize that it would be more efficient and cost effective to do them all at once – a big endeavour but well worth it! The residents that stay with them are grateful to be safe so do not complain about the state of their beds, however, can you imagine yourself sleeping on this after you’ve already been through a traumatic experience.


Recipient Charity Applications are now closed, check back here August 1st 2021 for your chance to apply for 2022!

If you have any questions, call the HOPE Office at 613-237-1433 or email

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